Imagine having the skills and confidence as a leader to get consistent performance from your everything doesn't depend on you, all of the time...

...and imagine what it would be like to have the time to think, plan, and be in the driver's seat, while being able to boundary how much you work... is possible...and the Leading With Authority Method can make it a reality for you!
Master the L.W.A. Method:
Get amazing results from your people, increase your impact & heighten your satisfaction as a leader 

Be 1 of 75 leaders who get access to this comprehensive & game changing program that includes LIVE COACHING to fast-track your progress and ability to see how to harness 
this powerful method for lasting leadership success
Starts August 26, 2019. Only 75 69 spots still available
Do you feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel as a leader?...where you are always working harder than your employees, without every achieving the impact, satisfaction and freedom that you really deserve?

Tired of the draining stress that follows a day full of "putting out fires"...instead of being able to actually take a step back to plan, lead and enjoy your role?

Does worry over how your employees will react stop you from delegating, giving clear direction and getting the performance and behaviour you need from them?
What if you could:
  • Get employees to do exactly what you need them to do, every time.
  • Become an A-player in your organization. Your peers recognizing you as the go to authority in leadership.
  • Have a leadership approach that actually works, regardless of the people involved. No more constant stress. 
  •  Step back and lead, knowing your team is running like clockwork.
This is exactly what hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs have achieved with the Leading with Authority Method.
This is exactly what hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs have achieved with the Leading with Authority Method.
And its what we want for you too.

That's why we have opened this exclusive L.W.A. Method Masterclass.
And its what we want for you too.

That's why we have opened this exclusive             L.W.A. Method Program.
Starts August 26, 2019. Only 75 69 spots still available
Meet Anne Dranitsaris & Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard...
Over the past 25 years, we have trained and coached hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs from major global brands. This is the first time we are offering our proven approach to individuals.  
Co-authors of So, You Think You Can Lead? and Who Are You Meant to Be?, we are experts in behavior and leadership development - AND LEADERS TOO! 

We understand why people behave the way they do, and provide our clients with proven approaches to maximizing their effectiveness as leaders. 

We provide a clear roadmap for each individual we work with to achieve their leadership potential by giving them the wisdom AND the power to make it happen.

Our Leading With Authority Program integrates our deep and unique expertise in neuro-psychology and personality development, behavioral change as well as leadership training and coaching to ensure leaders see tangible results every time.
We understand how powerless leaders feel today.
But the thing is...

You didn't become a leader to feel powerless...

You wanted to make an impact and lead!
And while we are sure that you can be patient... 
we don't know why you would tolerate experiencing unnecessary struggle, ongoing frustration, powerlessness, and endless hours of being in the weeds...

...when we know how to quickly get you to the place of leading with authority and potency.

And that is why we wanted to offer our Leading with Authority Program to 75 leaders who are READY NOW to start experiencing more freedom, success and impact in their lives as leaders.

Are YOU ready to stop feeling powerless and rekindle your love of leading?
The L.W.A. Method Program is for you if... have received NO OR VERY LITTLE training as a leader do not know how to get people to perform or behave the way you need them to find yourself complaining a lot about your people & peers are tired of feeling frustrated and just surviving in your role believe that greater satisfaction and happiness is possible as a leader want to be in the driver's seat, truly leading are looking to achieve your full potential as a leader.

By mastering the Leading With Authority Method, you will consistently get the results you need from people, be more impactful in your role and experience greater personal fulfillment from being a leader.  

If you answered "YES" to any of the above - this program is designed for you!
If you lead a team, a function or an organization, this will work for you. 
If you have to get people to achieve goals, this will make it easier and more satisfying to be a leader.
The content in this program has never been made available to individual leaders like this before...
...and we've definitely never offered exclusive, up-close access to us for a fraction of what our corporate clients usually pay for us to deliver our training and coaching programs in-house for their leaders! 
Reserve your spot in the program now!
 Space is limited and we can only take leaders who are truly committed to their growth and success. 

This program is NOT for everyone as it doesn't offer a magic bullet solution. (It takes work!)
Joining this exclusive program requires you be accountable for completing the assigned work and practicing the approaches that we show you to ensure your ability to master leading with authority.
Starts August 26, 2019. Only 75 69 spots still available
How Does the Leading with Authority Method Increase Your Impact and Effectiveness as a Leader?
If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you already know at least a bit about what it takes to be an effective leader...

The L.W.A. Method Program is designed for Leaders who are looking to dramatically improve their impact, effectiveness and satisfaction as leaders. 

Because of the results we've achieved with our clients, we've developed a deep training and coaching experience that will generate the kind of growth in your leadership potency you are looking for (no matter where you are right now as a leader) 
What's Included in the L.W.A. Method Progam?
MODULES      |     RESOURCES      |      COACHING
The Complete Curriculum
Access to 49 modules and their supporting tools and resources. We will take you through the development of the 6 Pillars of Leading with Authority as well as help you to build a deep awareness of your leadership style.
Extensive Resources
Each Program member receives an assessment of their leadership style based on our proprietary neuro-psychological personality system, tools and templates to practice and complete your homework, access to our Private Facebook Group and a copy of our book, So, You Think You Can Lead?
Access to Coaching
Growth as a leader doesn't happen by gaining new information but from practicing the skills. As a member of the Leading With Authority Program, you will get access to exclusive online group coaching including guidance on your specific challenges.
The Modules
The L.W.A. Method Program includes 49 modules that are designed to be completed every 2-weeks. Each module focuses on a different skill that is essential to leading with authority and builds on the prior module. 

As a bonus, Program members will also receive access to training modules focused on understanding your brain organization and how it impacts your leadership behavior, as well as modules for understanding each of the other personality styles and how they need to be led.
The Resources
Prior to accessing each module, Program Members will receive pre-work that prepares them for the training and connects actual experiences with the learning. Downloadable tools and templates will be provided to complete each module as well as homework assignments to support practicing the new skills prior to accessing the next module.

As a bonus, Program members will receive a leadership style assessment, a comprehensive digital report on their leadership style, a copy of our book - So, You Think You Can Lead?, as well as coupons to purchase additional assessments for team members. Also, Program members will have 12 months of access to our Private Facebook Group.
The Coaching
The Leading With Authority Program includes participation in a bi-weekly 2-hour group coaching call for each module to provide participants with the opportunity to share their experiences with implementing the new skills and receive coaching. 

As a bonus, all live sessions will be recorded and members will have access to these practical coaching interactions.

This unprecedented coaching support is only available to the 75 participants in our Leading With Authority Program!
Apply to Join the Masterclass Now
Once these 75 spots are filled, this program will not be available again until late 2019.

And future releases will not have any of the exclusive coaching bonuses - the access to coaching is only being offered to this Masterclass Program starting August 26!
Starts August 26, 2019. Only 75 42 spots still available
Join other exceptional leaders now
Once these 75 spots are filled, this program will not be available again until late 2019.

Starts August 26, 2019. Only 75 69 spots still available

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